21 April 2019

China urged to switch to GM food before it’s too late, SCMP says

A leading agricultural scientist said China may see more grain shortages and depend more on food imports if it continues to avoid growing genetically modified (GM) food, the South China Morning Post reported Sunday. “China’s situation has determined that we cannot follow the countries with very rich land resources to use traditional methods to satisfy our demand,” Professor Wu Kongming, a member of the influential Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told China National Radio. “Our way out is to use modern technology to support the development of our agriculture.” China imports about 80 million tons of grains, such as soybeans, rice and wheat, each year, some of them genetically modified, the report said. To produce that amount of food domestically, the country would need 53 million more hectares of farmland, or 44 percent more than what is currently available, Wu was quoted as saying.

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