18 April 2019

Low number of migrant workers have insurance, paper says

Less than 24 percent of migrant workers in eight urban areas are covered by public health insurance in the cities in which they work, China Daily reported Sunday, citing a recent study. Researchers who compiled the report, which was released on Sept. 25 at the Sino-German Symposium on the Social Integration of Migrant Populations, surveyed 16,000 people aged between 15 and 59 living in eight cities, including Shanghai and Suzhou. The researchers found that only 23.6 percent of migrant workers have public health insurance, while 22.7 percent have pension insurance and 24.8 percent have insurance against work-related injury, the report stated. Cities in the eastern regions, especially the ones in the Yangtze River Delta, have the largest proportion of migrant workers covered by insurance, while those in western China have the smallest, Yang Juhua, team leader and professor at the population development studies center of Renmin University of China, was quoted as saying.

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