24 April 2019

Spanish court indicts Hu Jintao on genocide charges, SCMP says

Spain’s National Court has agreed to hear charges of genocide filed by Tibetan exile groups against former Chinese president Hu Jintao, the South China Morning Post reported Friday. In ruling in favor of the Tibetans’ appeal, the court’s criminal division said on Thursday its decision in June to dismiss the case had to be overturned because one of the plaintiffs, Thubten Wangchen, is a Spanish citizen and because China had not carried out its own investigation into the allegations, according to the newspaper. Courts could hear cases of crimes against humanity even if they occured outside the Spanish territory on the legal principle of universal competence, although in 2009, the universality was limited to cases in which Spanish citizens are the victims, the report said. China has denounced the trial proceedings, it added.

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