21 April 2019

Four in every five Chinese centenarians are women, report says

About four-fifths of the more than 54,000 living Chinese centenarians are women, and a 127-year-old woman from northwest China is the oldest of them all, Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday, citing statistics from the Geriatric Society of China (GSC). According to the group, the oldest person in China is Alimihan Seyiti. Born on June 25, 1886, Seyiti lives in Shule County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. If verified, Seyiti could be the oldest person in the world, beating by five years the Guinness World Record of 122 set by Jeanne Calment from France. Xinjiang, Hunan, Yunnan, Shandong, Guangxi and Sichuan are home to China’s 10 oldest supercentenarians (those who have attained the age of at least 110), and their average age is 119.2 years, the report said. According to GSC figures, rural centenarians outnumber their urban counterparts. Of the 54,166 Chinese centenarians, more than 74 percent are from the countryside, it said.

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