15 February 2019

Li signs decree on urban drainage, sewage treatment, Xinhua says

Premier Li Keqiang has signed a decree on urban drainage and sewage treatment to address the growing problems of flooding and water pollution at a time of rapid urbanization, Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday. The decree, which will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014, stipulates that all governments above the county level must include the building and management of urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities into their economic and social development plans. Newly-developed city areas must have separate drainage systems for sewage and rainwater so that rainwater can be collected for irrigation and other purposes while sewage can be treated for reuse in manufacturing, urban landscaping, road sweeping, car washing and construction sites, according to the decree. Industries, such as manufacturing, construction, catering and medical care, will need to secure a license to be able to discharge polluted water, the report said.

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