26 September 2018

Li Keqiang calls for simpler administrative process

Premier Li Keqiang {李克強} said local governments should reform their administrative procedures to help develop a fully functioning market economy.

They should adopt a more straightforward approval process and cancel administrative fees that impede market growth, he told officials in an internal teleconference Friday.

Tasks should be completed on time, especially those involving people’s livelihood, health and social security, he said.

Companies that fail to comply with public health and food safety standards should be blacklisted.

Li called for a more efficient management of local government budgets including a cap on staff numbers and tighter fiscal controls. However, he said local officials should ensure workers are paid on time.   

More frontline staff should be deployed to serve the underprivileged members of society, he said. At the same time, the central government should not interfere with local manpower arrangements.

Li said reform of government functions and procedures is a self-fulfilling revolution that will ultimately spread to all corners of the country and benefit the entire population.

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