21 September 2018

China hospitals lag in genetic testing on lung cancer, SCMP says

Fewer hospitals in China conduct genetic tests on lung cancer patients compared to Western countries, even though Asians are genetically more susceptible to the disease, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday, citing a leading cancer expert. Professor Tony Mok from Chinese University of Hong Kong, who recently chaired the 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Sydney, was quoted as saying only 20 percent of lung cancer patients on the mainland and 60 percent in Hong Kong undergo a genetic test after being diagnosed with the illness. This is in spite of the fact that lung cancer is the top killer disease in China, he said. In most developed countries in the West, a genetic test for lung cancer patients is carried out automatically, Mok said.  The discrepancy means patients in China miss out on gene-targeted treatment that is more effective and has fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy, the report said.

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