20 September 2018

Economic structural reform major party focus, plenum says

The Communist Party of China has approved a plan to deepen structural reform with the economy at its core, the official Xinhua news agency reported after a four-day plenary session of the central committee which ended Tuesday.

The plenum also heard a work report by General Secretary Xi Jinping {習近平} who is also the country’s president.

By 2020, the party should make substantial progress in key areas and establish a complete, efficient and standardized system for them, Xinhua said, citing a statement from the closed-door session.

It is important to change the relationship between government and market to allow market forces to determine the allocation of resources, the statement said.

The party will form a task force to set the specific reform agenda and coordinate the effort among different government departments.

In stressing the role of socialism in a market economy, the statement said the public and private sectors are essential parts of China’s economic and social development. 

The party called for adherence to the constitution and independence for the judiciary and investigative bodies to protect human rights, the report said.

A commission will be established to strengthen national security.

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