20 September 2018

Shenzhen tries to lure container lines from HK, SCMP says

Shenzhen port authorities are working hard to persuade foreign carriers to skip Hong Kong as a transit hub and do business directly with them, the South China Morning Post reported Monday. Last year about 60 percent of Hong Kong’s container throughput came from transshipments. The Post cited a document as showing that a Shenzhen customs office has been advising an international shipping line on using a paperwork loophole to skip Hong Kong and go directly to Shenzhen. It said the foreign shippers could simply name Hong Kong as the port of origin in the manifest they submit to Shenzhen customs without actually loading any goods there. The paper said it found that at least two Shenzhen ports and two major international carriers have diverted hundreds of thousands of boxes a month away from Hong Kong’s Kwai Chung container terminals.

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