21 February 2019
President Xi Jinping visits the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Jinan
President Xi Jinping visits the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Jinan

POLICY WATCH: Xi highlights key areas of reform

During his recent inspection tour of eastern China’s Shandong province, President Xi Jinping {習近平} highlighted several key areas of reform where efforts should be focused.

Xi stressed the need to fuel the growth of the logistics industry, encourage enterprise innovation, promote ethics among the people, boost farmers’ income and upgrade agriculture through technology.

Logistics will play a fundamental role in supporting economic development as it provides the bridge between supply and demand, between producers and their customers. He said standardization in the industry will help in increasing its efficiency and speeding up growth.

The nation can maintain and develop its traditional industries such as textiles by implementing innovative ideas and new technologies. Xi urged enterprises to explore the international market not only to boost income but also to improve the quality of their products and services.

He said the government will support enterprises in building global industry chains and boosting their competitive advantage in the export market.

Shandong is one of the country’s key agricultural provinces. Xi said while the government is pushing forward the urbanization program, it is also calling for modern agricultural development. Food safety should be on the top of the sector’s agenda.

The government will promote new business mechanisms to boost the growth of agriculture, and identify and undertake solutions to water shortage problems to ensure sufficient irrigation of farms and food supplies.

The agriculture sector should also leverage on technology to enhance efficiency. Massive farming models should be deployed to build a sustainable industry, he said.

Xi urged the government to boost farmers’ income, improve public service in rural villages and boost the educational level of children in the countryside as part of efforts to narrow the income gap between urban and rural residents.

The Chinese leader also stressed the importance of enhancing the people’s ethical standards. He said the whole society should study and practice ethics to promote positive thinking and moral responsibility.

He urged all party members to remain confident that China’s reform blueprint will be realized. “No matter what difficulties and disturbances we encounter, we shall not swerve from the reform,” Xi said.

He also stressed that reform measures should be implemented precisely according to plan, even as he cautioned party comrades against blindly pursuing work without understanding the requirements of the central authorities.

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