20 May 2019

Two Chinese words may make it to English lexicon, Xinhua says

Two Chinese words that are fast spreading around the globe may be included in the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, adding to about 120 words of Chinese origin that are now part of the English language, Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday. The words “Tuhao” and “Dama” are both old words but have taken on new meanings as they reflect changes in society and culture, the report said. Tuhao used to refer to a rural landlord who liked to bully tenants or servants. Now it is used for a Chinese person who is rich and likes to flaunt their wealth, a “nouveau riche”. A Dama is a middle-aged woman, and first came to public attention as a term for the thousands of Chinese women who purchased large numbers of gold items when the price of the yellow metal slumped between April and June, the report said.

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