14 November 2018

China to boast 1,318 skyscrapers by 2022, magazine says

China will boast 1,318 skyscrapers by 2022, or 2.5 times the 536 towers the United States is expected to have by that time, the China Economic Weekly reported Tuesday. Eighty percent of China’s skyscrapers, or buildings measuring at least 152 meters in height, will be built in small and medium-sized cities. As of the end of 2012, the US has 533 such buildings, compared with 470 in China. However, China currently has 332 skyscrapers under construction, accounting for 87 percent of such constructions worldwide, the report said. Many third-tier and fourth-tier Chinese cities are joining the skyscraper craze in a bid to show off their financial status, an unnamed analyst was quoted as saying.

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