18 January 2019

454 mln people cross mainland borders in 2013, website reports

A total of 454 million people crossed mainland borders last year, 43 percent of whom were mainland residents, government portal reported Wednesday, citing data from the Ministry of Public Security. No figures were given for 2012. The report said 45 percent of the travelers were from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, while the remaining 12 percent were from other countries. Mainland residents made 18.04 percent more cross-border trips in 2013, taking the total to 98.19 million visits. Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, Japan and Vietnam were the most-visited destinations. A total of 206 million visitors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan visited the mainland in 2013, a drop of 2.32 percent from 2012, the report said.

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