18 January 2019

Mismatch again in national, regional GDP data, paper says

The combined gross domestic product (GDP) reported by provincial governments in China for 2013 amounts to 58.94 trillion yuan (US$9.74 trillion) as of now, surpassing the nation’s official overall GDP figure of 56.88 trillion yuan issued by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), China Business News reported Wednesday. The mismatch will only become wider as three provinces are yet to release their data, the paper said. Such situation has been recurring every year since 1985 when the NBS and provincial governments started to calculate GDP data independently, it noted. An unnamed senior NBS official was quoted as saying that it may due to double counting and differences in selection of data sources, although the possibility of data fraud could also not be ruled out. Some local officials may be encouraging firms to overstate their figures in order to polish the achievements of the local governments, the report said.

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