22 January 2019

China forcing NY Times reporter to leave, report says

Chinese authorities said on Monday that a China-based reporter for the New York Times broke rules on residence visas and would be leaving the country before the end of the week, Reuters reported. The paper applied for a journalist accreditation in China for US national Austin Ramzy in the middle of last year, after he left Time magazine. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang was quoted as saying said that Ramzy informed them in May that he was no longer working for Time magazine and he handed back his government-issued press card. But Ramzy “did not, in accordance with Chinese regulations, apply to other Chinese departments to change his visa type and his residence permit type, which previously was for Time,” Qin said. Reuters noted that New York Times and Bloomberg News have not been given new journalist visas for more than a year after they published stories about the wealth of family members of top Chinese leaders.

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