13 December 2018

China hardest hit by global surge in cancer, SCMP says

China is bearing the brunt of new cancer cases and deaths amid an alarming global rise in the disease in 2012, the South China Morning Post reported Friday, citing the latest edition of the World Health Organization’s World Cancer Report. The country also registered the most number of new cancer cases and deaths from four types of malignant tumors, namely liver, esophagus, stomach and lung, the report said. It accounted for 3.07 million newly diagnosed cases, 21.8 percent of the global total, and 26.9 percent of the world’s cancer deaths, or about 2.2 million, according to the WHO report. The figures were slightly lower than China’s own statistics for 2012, the newspaper said. The National Cancer Registration Center recorded an estimated 3.5 million new cases and 2.5 million deaths annually, it said, citing local media reports.

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