25 September 2018

Local govts urged to rethink water policies, report says

China’s Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Chou Baoxing {仇保興}, has called on local administrations to focus on water conservation, rather than launching large-scale water rechanneling programs, to alleviate the water shortage in the country, news website reported Thursday. China must reverse its water policy from a needs-driven approach to one that based on the supply available, Chou said. Citing Beijing as an example, he said that if one-third of buildings in the city are brought under household waste water reuse, and it is supplemented by rainwater collection systems, authorities could have done away with the 350 billion yuan (US$57.53 billion) South-North Water Transfer Project. Reuse of urban sewage water, which is estimated to total nearly 40 billion cubic meters every year, for industrial, municipal and irrigation, as well as rainwater collection and water-saving exercises in industries, will also help save usage of fresh water, he said.

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