18 November 2018

Ad-skipping browser riles video giants, paper says

Beijing-based web browser Maxthon said it will keep its unique function that allows users to skip advertisements despite alleged intimidation and threats from domestic online video providers, Global Times reported Thursday. Since its Feb. 20 launch, the controversial new function has been blocked occasionally by video providers, some of whom have threatened to take legal action. and posted lawyer’s letters on Maxthon’s official Sina Weibo account on Monday, saying they have the legal right to insert ads into their own online content and Maxthon violates this by enabling users to skip ads, the report said. In response, Maxthon said it only offers users the option to skip ads rather than forcing them to do so. The browser’s new function would hardly affect online video providers’ revenues because Maxthon is a very small player, ranking seventh with 1.76 percent share of the domestic market, an industry analyst was quoted as saying.

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