23 August 2019

‘Mineral water’ may be banned as bottled water label, paper says

The National Health and Family Planning Commission has proposed that beverage makers be banned from labeling and marketing their bottled water products as “potable mineral water”, China Business News reported Wednesday. The proposal, which has been released to solicit public opinion, aims to shatter a misconception among consumers that mineral water brings health benefits to consumers, the newspaper said. Adding minerals only improves the taste and is not intended to replenish vital minerals the body needs, an unnamed official of a domestic beverage company was quoted as saying. Major industry players such as Coca-Cola China Ltd. and Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. (0322.HK), which owns the Master Kong food and beverage brand, are reportedly in talks with authorities about the impact of the proposal on their products. About 25 percent of bottled water products on the market carry the “mineral water” label, the report said.

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