25 August 2019

Grid energy storage pushed for a cleaner China

China should adopt a large-scale energy storage strategy for better utilization of its power resources, a US energy expert suggested Thursday.

“We waste a lot of energy because we don’t have the storage capabilities,” James Klausner, program director of US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), told EJ Insight on the sidelines of a sustainable energy forum in Hong Kong.

But with the grid energy storage technology, for instance, electricity can be shared between a commercial building and a residential property, which have different peak demands for electricity during the day and at night, he added.

A grid energy storage system enables optimal operation of existing applications, and thus can reduce fuel consumption, wear and emissions, Klausner said.

There are also a lot of opportunities to adopt smart grid technologies in the new infrastructure and development projects in China, he said.

Klausner said he is confident that China will adopt these technologies as it makes economic sense to adopt them.

“We need more storage capabilities, whether it is thermal, compressed air or hydro storage. But China is having stresses in water resources so I think this is another problem China will have to face in the future,” he said.

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