19 August 2019

‘Supply risks’ in HK plan to buy more mainland power, paper says

A Hong Kong government proposal to buy more electricity from the mainland is raising concerns about the stability and reliability of supplies, Ming Pao Daily reported Thursday. The proposal, which has been released for public feedback, involves meeting 30 percent of local demand from China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd. in addition to the existing 20 percent met by the Daya Bay nuclear facility in Guangdong province. William Chung, director of the Energy & Environmental Policy Research Unit at City University of Hong Kong, said problems in the mainland grid would present too many risks for Hong Kong’s power supply. Environment Bureau secretary Wong Kam-sing said another possibility is to raise the proportion of power generated from natural gas to 60 percent from 20 percent, but both options would double the cost of producing electricity, suggesting higher electricity bills, the report said.

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