19 March 2019

Taiwan students warn retreat does not mean end of protests

Retreating from the parliament building this Thursday does not mean the protest against the cross-strait service pact is being put to an end, student organizers in Taiwan said on Monday. The energy built up by the demonstrators is enough to transform the momentum into a movement involving all people in the society, Liberty Times cited the student leaders as saying at a news conference.

Lin Fei-fan, one of the persons that launched the protest and led students to occupy the legislature since mid-March, said that their appeals have now basically been accepted by the government. The next step will be taking offensive action, including holding a so-called national people’s constitution conference rather than being defensive, he said. He said the students have successfully prevented the government from sacrificing people’s interest through a deal with the mainland without legal basis.

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said on Sunday that review of the service trade pact with China will be delayed until an oversight mechanism for such cross-strait agreements is enacted. Students responded by agreeing to leave, on April 10, the legislature building which they had been occupying. However, Lin said that if the promise by Wang is not kept, more protestors will be on the street again.

Meanwhile, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou has said that most people agree that stipulating the oversight mechanism and review of the pact should be conducted simultaneously. He called on the opposition parties not to boycott the pact review.

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