23 February 2019

Chinese disposable income surges, paper says

Average Chinese disposable incomes rose 11.1 percent year on year to 5,562 yuan (US$908.82) in the first quarter, China Daily reported Wednesday, citing National Bureau of Statistics data.

Adjusted for inflation, the figure was up 8.6 percent.

The income gap between urban and rural residents narrowed, with actual income growth in rural China 2.9 percentage points higher than that in urban areas, the report said.

Urban residents had an average per-capita disposable income of 8,155 yuan after accounting for inflation, up 7.2 percent year on year. The comparable figure for rural residents was 3,224 yuan, up 10.1 percent.

About 169.33 million peasants were working outside their hometown at the end of March, up 1.7 percent year on year. Their average monthly income was 2,681 yuan, 10.1 percent higher than in the previous year.

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