26 March 2019

Row erupts as mainland toddler seeks relief in Mong Kok street

Cross-border tensions have once again flared with an online video of a dispute last week over a two-year-old boy urinating in a Mong Kok street, Ming Pao reported Wednesday.

An argument erupted between two Hong Kong men and the child’s parents, a mainland couple, on April 15 after one of the two men took photographs of the child urinating. 

The couple took the memory card out of the camera and refused to return it, prompting police to intervene. The child’s 33-year-old father was arrested on suspicion of theft and his 29-year-old wife on suspicion of assault. The woman was released on bail and will have to report back to police in mid-May, while her husband was released unconditionally, the report said.

More than 100,000 people had commented on an online video of the incident by the weekend, with most taking aim at the Hongkongers for insensitivity towards the toddler. Some discussion forums even called for a boycott on travel to Hong Kong.

The incident highlights mounting tension between mainland and Hong Kong residents, with some Hong Kong residents labeling mainland tourists as uncivilized, and some mainlanders accusing Hongkongers of discrimination, the report said.

Xinhua said Wednesday that the incident was an isolated case and that only a very small number of Hong Kong people are hostile towards mainlanders. But the report also called for the Hong Kong government to review its public facilities to better cater to the needs of mainland tourists.

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