19 March 2019
The documentary series is as delicious as the wide range of cuisines it features. Photo: CCTV
The documentary series is as delicious as the wide range of cuisines it features. Photo: CCTV

A Bite of China savors another smash hit in second season

A Bite of China, China Central Television’s smash documentary series on Chinese cuisine, promises to be another blockbuster in its second season after broadcast of the first episode over the weekend triggered another wave of excitement and applause among Chinese televiewers and netizens.

Total investment for the new season is about 30 million yuan (US$4.8 million), but it may have already generated an income of more than 100 million yuan from advertising as well as broadcasting rights from other channels, China Business News reported Wednesday, citing business insiders.

The documentary lays out a visual feast of China’s rich culinary tradition by showcasing the dizzying variety of ingredients, cooking methods as well as local food specialties and customs across the nation. Through food, the producers seek to depict the joys and sorrows of ordinary Chinese in the changing times.

According to the report, Alibaba Group’s online shopping website Tmall, as CCTV’s exclusive e-commerce partner for the series, will promote the cuisines featured in the coming episodes.

When its first season made its debut in 2012, the documentary series surpassed all same-time TV soap dramas in both TV and online viewership, while boosting online sales of food products as well as share prices of some listed food companies.

Beijing has been trying to promote Chinese culture in the international community as part of its efforts to project the country’s “soft power”.

And A Bite of China is one of the few successful cases of such attempts, as its overseas broadcasting rights were sold at record high rates for Chinese documentaries. The first season is still enjoying wide following in more than 100 countries and jurisdictions.

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A Bite of China’s second season promises to be at least as successful as the first. Photo: CCTV

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