18 February 2019

3D printer ‘builds’ 10 houses in a day, paper says

A Shanghai company has added a new dimension to housing, using a 3D printer and recycled mine tailings to create a system that can pump out 10 single-story homes a day, Shanghai Daily reported Saturday.

The homes on display at the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park were made in Suzhou with an array of four, 10 meter-wide printers with multi-directional automated sprays that build up walls one layer of cement and construction waste at a time, the report said.

Ma Yihe, the inventor of the printers, said the system uses quick-drying cement that not only saves time but is also environmentally friendly.

“To obtain natural stone, we have to employ miners, dig up blocks of stone and saw them into pieces. This badly damages the environment,” Ma was quoted as saying. “But with the 3D printing, we recycle mine tailings into usable materials. And we can print building with any digital design our customers bring us. It’s fast and cheap.”

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