23 February 2019
Owners of this California house just want to make their kids happy. Photo: Yahoo
Owners of this California house just want to make their kids happy. Photo: Yahoo

One is a clown, the other just a good old home upside down

A California couple, who painted their house to resemble the one in Disney’s animated movie Up, have turned their neighborhood upside down, with people complaining it looks like a clown, according to Yahoo Shine.

In China, such a topsy-turvy attraction would be a tourist draw.

In fact, the California monstrosity has nothing on the house Polish architects built in Shanghai’s Jinshan district – it stands on its roof.

The house had been drawing droves of curious tourists to the neighborhood long before it was due to open on April 25, forcing authorities to set strict attendance limits, Shanghai Daily reported.

Among their concerns: People are bound to get disoriented and dizzy touring the 200-square meter US$800,000 home and those with high blood pressure might get unduly agitated, the report said.

So only 20 people are allowed in at any one time. The rest can wait and they always do.

The owners of the California home have no such love from the neighborhood, even after explaining that they did the house, a decrepit old building, in the multi-colored style of the Disney movie out of love for their children — 18 and three years old — who are huge fans of the movie, according to Yahoo.

In the 2009 animated adventure, a man travels the world without leaving home by tying thousands of balloons to his house.

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People with hypertension may get unduly agitated when they visit this house in Shanghai’s Jinshan district. Photo: Shanghai Daily

Disney’s animated movie Up, which inspired the multi-colored style of the California house. Photo: Disney

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