19 March 2019

Reports of dogs buried alive spark online fury, paper says

Anger swept social media sites amid reports of stray dogs being buried alive in northern China, with thousands of netizens calling it an “inhumane” and “shameful” act, Shanghai Daily reported Monday.

A post on Sina Weibo has appealed for help after scores of stray dogs were seen trapped in a pit near a garbage dump in Alxa Left Banner in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to the newspaper.

The Yinchuan Dawn Pets Home charity group investigated the case after a woman searching for her pet dog near the garbage dump told them the animals were trapped, the report said.

“We saw around a hundred dogs in a pit, but we could not get down into it because it was too deep,” a Xinhua quoted the woman surnamed Tan as saying.

Pictures of dogs posted online showed that they were trapped in a pit about 1.8 meters deep, according to the newspaper.

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