28 January 2020
Tasty dish, bitter family feud. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Tasty dish, bitter family feud. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Family feud at century egg shop leaves bitter taste

A bitter family squabble is threatening to spoil one of Hong Kong’s venerable culinary establishments, the Shun Hing store in Sheung Wan.

Founded by Kwok Wing-fai in 1955, Shun Hing is famous for its signature product, the century egg with a molten center. Everyday, people from all walks of life form a long queue outside the shop, waiting patiently for their supply of the preserved eggs. It is said that Shun Hing also provides the century eggs served at the legendary Yung Kee Restaurant in Central.

When Kwok died in June 2010, he left behind assets, including the iconic century egg store estimated to be worth more than HK$30 million (US$3.87 million). And shortly thereafter, Kwok’s widow, Li, and the eldest son filed a lawsuit against the youngest son and eldest daughter in an attempt to invalidate his will. They claimed Kwok was not fully conscious when he signed it two months before his death, Headline Daily reported on Wednesday. The case went on trial Tuesday.

According to his will, Kwok’s entire 50 percent stake in the store should be divided into 5 percent for each of his two sons and 10 percent for each of his four daughters. The widow got nothing from his stake.

Local gourmet Leung Ka-kuen is saddened by the family feud. He said no matter how the case is decided, he hopes Shun Hing will continue selling its delicious molten-center century eggs.

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