20 February 2019
Funding problems forced delays to the project. Photo: CNN
Funding problems forced delays to the project. Photo: CNN

911 memorial museum opens to 911 families, survivors

US President Barack Obama was among the guests in New York Thursday for the dedication of the National September 11 Memorial Museum on the site of what was the World Trade Center. 

The dedication, attended by survivors and families of victims of the attacks, comes a week ahead of the museum’s planned May 21 opening to the public. 

The museum houses more than 23,000 pictures and 500 hours of video related to the events.

Voice of America cited museum chairman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg as saying “there are hard history lessons to be learned, but also shafts of light that can illuminate the days ahead”.

The opening comes three years after originally planned, Apple Daily reported Friday. Worked stopped on the US$700 million project in 2011 due to funding problems. It was finally built with a combination of private and public contributions.

The families fought against the sale of museum souvenirs and the US$24 entry charge, saying admission should be free so all can learn about the events, the report said. They also objected to designers’ suggestions to carve the names of the roughly 3,000 victims on a wall.

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911 families have played a part in the design process. Photo: CNN

The museum opens to the public on May 21. Photo: CNN

Thousands of pictures memorialize the people and events of 911. Photo: CNN

The museum is on the site of what was the World Trade Center. Photo: CNN

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