18 December 2018
Relatives of MH370 passengers say the book does nothing to ease their pain.Photo: Bloomberg
Relatives of MH370 passengers say the book does nothing to ease their pain.Photo: Bloomberg

Book claims MH370 accidentally shot down in military drill

More than two months after Flight MH370 vanished without a trace, several theories — both credible and ridiculous — have emerged to explain the mystery. 

Add to this a new theory by writer Nigel Cawthorne, who asserts that the Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people was accidentally shot down over the South China Sea by a joint US-Thai joint strike fighter team, and that those involved undertook a massive cover-up to hide the truth, Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Families of the missing crew and passengers will “almost certainly” never know the truth, Cawthorne wrote in his newly published book “Flight MH370″.

He said those involved in the cover-up may have sent searchers in the wrong direction in order to cover their tracks, noting that with the amount of disinformation in the search for MH370, it is best to be skeptical.

According to the book, a man, who was working at an oil rig in the South China Sea at about the same time the plane’s transponder went off, saw a burning plane in the sky near the site of a military exercise being conducted by several countries. However, no wreckage has been found in the vicinity.

Cawthorne also said the plane could have been located if Malaysia Airlines had upgraded the tracking software aboard the plane, which would have cost the company only US$10.

Several relatives of the victims assailed the author for coming up with a book full of conspiracies just 71 days after its disappearance, adding that it does nothing to alleviate their pain.

Australia is leading the search for the missing plane, which is moving into a second phase in which commercial underwater operators will be hired to scour a vast expanse of seabed with sonar equipment to look for the wreckage for about a year, the report said.

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