21 March 2019
Name: Sammy ; Sex: Male ; Birthday: May 4, 2014
Name: Sammy ; Sex: Male ; Birthday: May 4, 2014

Put your flippers together for new Ocean Park seal pups

Hong Kong’s spotted seal community is proud to announce three new arrivals — the first from Ocean Park’s breeding program, according to Ocean Park.

Pups Ocean, Sonny and Sammy were born in April and May and are the much-welcomed offspring of seven-year-old Japanese male seal Hikaru and three females. 

The new faces are expected to go on public show as soon as this summer after they are weaned.

The births bring the number of spotted seals at Ocean Park to 13. The species’ pup mortality rate is 30 to 40 percent so the park is thrilled that all three have come through safely, Polar Adventure curator Wong Wing-hong said.

Spotted seals are Class 2 national protected species. They mate between March and May every year, and pregnancy can last as long as 360 days.

Wong also said that specialists will be flown in to investigate the mysterious death of two Chinese sturgeons during quarantine. Thirteen other sturgeons will remain in quarantine until the investigation is finished, the report said.

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Name: Sonny ; Sex: Male ; Birthday: April 27, 2014

Name: Ocean ; Sex: Male ; Birthday: April 13, 2014

Adult female seals usually give birth to one pup every year.

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