22 March 2019
No. 1: Beijing-style soybean paste noodles
No. 1: Beijing-style soybean paste noodles

Party paper spills the beans on Chinese noodles

There are all kinds of Chinese noodles — that stripy staple with all manner of ingredients served dry, cold or in a steaming broth.

And then there is Beijing-style soybean paste noodles which take the cake, according to a microblog post by the People’s Daily.

These are usually served with minced pork and some vegetables but the secret ingredient is given away by the name.

That’s what makes Beijing-style soybean paste noodles No. 1 in a ranking of the Chinese favorite by the newspaper, an official publication of the Communist Party.

Wuhan hot dry noodles come in second, thanks to their strong flavor from dried shrimp in sesame and chilly oil, and Shanxi’s knife-sliced variety is third for its mix of minced pork, ketchup and soya sauce in steaming mutton soup.

Next comes Henan stewed noodles served with lamb meat, garlic and chilly oil in mutton soup.

Lanzhou ramen noodles, which originated from Muslim food, round out the top five. It is a popular dish in many small restaurants not only because it’s affordable but also for its unique flavor from beef soup and sliced radish, which helps remove the meaty smell.

For the record, here are the rest of the top 10:

6) Sichuan spicy dandan noodles 

7) Hangzhou pian er chuan

8) Kunshan aozao noodles

9) Zhejiang pot cover noodles

10) Jilin yanji cold noodles

No word about how the newspaper arrived at the selection but it’s safe to assume some communist cadres have vouched for them by word of mouth.

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No. 2: Wuhan hot dry noodles

No. 3: Shanxi knife-sliced noodles

No. 4: Henan stewed noodles

No. 5: Lanzhou ramen noodles

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