24 March 2019
Users can fly the Puzzlebox Orbit with their thoughts and a headset. Photo: Puzzlebox
Users can fly the Puzzlebox Orbit with their thoughts and a headset. Photo: Puzzlebox

Thoughtful toys fill gaps in concentration

What were you saying? Oh yes… Toy companies are trying to cash in on the power of the mind with various electronic products claiming to hone concentration skills.

First, it was a helicopter that can be moved by focused thought, and now there’s computer games controlled directly by brainpower and designed to help children become more attentive.

Instead of using a game controller or a mouse, players of computer game “Focus Pocus” make virtual characters run, jump or fly, by wearing a headset and staring at a screen. The headset picks up on electrical activity along the scalp and transmits commands to the computer.

Hong Kong toy company Me100fun has imported three of the Focus Pocus sets from the United States, offering them for sale for HK$1,280 (US$165) to HK$1,980, Ming Pao Daily reported Thursday.

“We believe that the games can help children to learn to concentrate and relax, and can help children who are hyperactive,” Me100fun’s manager was quoted as saying.

If that doesn’t get your attention, Puzzlebox Orbit could be the go.

It’s a brain-controlled helicopter that users move around a cage with a headset and the power of concentration, according to the product’s official page.

Besides being fun, the gadget can also be used to practice staying focused or for mental relaxation.

It’s now available in Hong Kong for HK$2,680, Apple Daily reported earlier this year, citing Francis Jone, managing director of local company JC International Group Ltd.

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