13 November 2018

Black-clad activist sneaks past police to take Tiananmen selfie

Beijing beefed up police presence around the capital and put security forces on high alert on Tiananmen Square Wednesday, but one activist managed to get through and take a selfie.

The man, clad in black, took a photo of himself with what looked like a sparse Tiananmen crowd in the background and posted it on Twitter, Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK reported, citing Hu Jia, one of China’s best-known pro-democracy activists.

Bejing deployed vast numbers of policemen in the capital while soldiers and plainclothes security personnel flooded Tiananmen Square, checking identity cards and bags and looking for any hint people might try to commemorate the day, the 25th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

Hu, 40, took part in the 1989 protest which was brutally suppressed in the early hours of June 4. He has been under house arrest for the past three months but helped organize a “Revisit Tiananmen” campaign in which the man, described by Hu as a friend, was a participant, the report said.    

The act was nothing more than a political gesture given the tight security in the mainland, according to a political commentator.

Hu said more people could have gone to Tiananmen Square if the authorities had not adopted tough crowd control measures.

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