20 October 2018
Two suggestions for a grand wedding. Photo: Daily Mail
Two suggestions for a grand wedding. Photo: Daily Mail

The princess bride: Have your own royal wedding

Now that the love of your life has asked you to marry him, and your yes has led to a thousand and one worries about the wedding preparations — from invitations to venue to entourage — here are two suggestions from Daily Mail that you may want to consider for a truly grand and memorable event.

One is to ride in one of the limos custom-built by US carmaker Chrysler for weddings. It’s guaranteed to make you feel like a princess.

The “pimped-out PT Cruiser”, as the newspaper calls it, comes with an extended cabin, a full-sized door, and a flower-bedecked, lamp-lit exterior. Inside there are leather seats, a bar, a glass floor and neon lighting. 

For reception and honeymoon, the newspaper reports that a castle that was Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s beloved Highland hideaway is now available for rent — at a royal price of £50,000 (US$84,920) for a long weekend.

This is the first time that a royal residence is being rented out, and only to hand-picked guests of up to a dozen at a time, according to the newspaper.

The Castle of Mey, a 16th century building in the north of Scotland, holds the Queen Mother’s collection of knick-knacks and personal items. Prince Charles is said to be a regular visitor.

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This custom-built limo is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess. Photo: Daily Mail

Opulence inside the PT Cruiser. Photo: Daily Mail

You can rent this 16th century castle for a royal price of £50,000. Photo: Daily Mail

The Queen Mother’s bedroom. Photo: Daily Mail

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