24 October 2018
Zotye's mini e-cars are aimed at value-conscious commuters.
Zotye's mini e-cars are aimed at value-conscious commuters.

Zotye tries novel approach to sell e-cars

Zhejiang-based Zotye Auto is not something that readily comes to mind when one thinks of Chinese e-car brands. But that could change in the near future as the company has come up with a novel idea to get its name out and entice customers to try its products.

The company calls this Y+T approach. Just put down a deposit and pay a monthly fee of 1,500 yuan, you can drive a Zotye e-car home.

Chairman Wu Jianzhong told the 21st Century Business Herald that the scheme is all about getting people to experience the company’s cars.

Skeptic customers who are interested but not willing to commit right away will be more willing to give it a go at such a low cost.

At a time when e-car front-runners are trying to push the technological limits in mileage per charge or speed, Zotye has chosen to compete mainly for customers who just need a reasonably priced car to do daily commuting.

To that end, Zotye has launched a mini e-car that can only go up to 80 kilometers per hour but will cost only 4 yuan to power a 100 kilometer drive. The model is now being marketed in its home turf, Jiangsu and Shandong.

With a slew of subsidies and supportive policies announced over the past few months, many auto firms who hesitated earlier are now jumping on to the green car bandwagon.

Almost 70 percent of new models unveiled at the Beijing auto show this year were green cars. 2015 will be a very different year with all sorts of new e-cars hitting the market. The race among domestic and foreign car makers has barely begun.

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