13 November 2018
Producer Poman Lo hopes 'Bodhi and Friends' will be as popular as Mickey Mouse. Picture: HKEJ
Producer Poman Lo hopes 'Bodhi and Friends' will be as popular as Mickey Mouse. Picture: HKEJ

Finding puppy love in edutainment

Poman Lo calls herself a “dream-realizer”, a role that spans her job as managing director of Regal Hotels International as well as her position as chief executive of the company behind Chinese cartoon “Bodhi and Friends”.

Lo, the daughter of Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd. (00120.HK) chairman Lo Yuk-sui, has a vision is to turn the pack of animated pups into top dogs, Metro HK reported Monday.

“I want ‘Bodhi and Friends’ to be as popular as Mickey Mouse,” Lo was quoted as saying.   

Bodhi and his seven cartoon friends were created nine years ago to represent eight different traditional Chinese virtues like honesty, diligence and courage, the report said.

Their figures grace 3D cartoon, games, apps and textbooks as well as 108 episodes of a television cartoon series that cost more than HK$10 million to develop.

Lo said the cartoon’s production team is from the mainland and aimed at preschool children. She said she is optimistic about the mainland’s early education market and wants the project to be “made in China”.

The series has already gone to air in Beijing to positive reviews and will be on Now TV in Hong Kong this summer. It is even expected to be broadcast in Spain and Africa.

Lo said hotel operations and cartoon production have one thing in common — delivering a happy message.

“’Bodhi and Friends’ encourages the right belief and values in children in a joyous way while the Cosmopolitan hotel brand aims to give customers a pleasant experience,” she said.

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