21 October 2018
Green sea turtle Simon. Photo: Ocean Park
Green sea turtle Simon. Photo: Ocean Park

So long, have a good time: Four endangered turtles freed

Ocean Park, in cooperation with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), released four endangered turtles into the sea, years after nursing them back to health.

Now living in their natural environment are a Hawksbill sea turtle and three green sea turtles.

The Hawksbill and two baby green turtles were found washed up on the beaches of Sai Kung and Yan Chau Tong about two years ago, and were sent to the Ocean Park for rehabilitation.

Another green sea turtle was artificially incubated from abandoned eggs in 2001. Named Simon after the AFCD official who nurtured it, the turtle was only 400 grams and suffered congenital limb defects when it was first sent to the Ocean Park. It has now fully recovered and is a big guy at 75 kilograms.

After undergoing careful observation and treatment by veterinarians at Ocean Park, all four turtles are now in good health. The staff also said the turtles underwent training, including predatory skills, that will enable them to survive on their own at sea.

Since 2000, Ocean Park has taken care of 32 sea turtles, of which 21 had been set free, nine passed away and two are still being treated at the park.

AFCD officials implanted microchips into the turtles and marked them with metal tags in order to recognize them and monitor their activities via a satellite tracking system.

The hawksbill sea turtle is a critically endangered species while the green sea turtle is classified as endangered, an AFCD spokesperson told RTHK on Monday.

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The turtles have been marked with metal tags and implanted with microchips so that experts can recognize them and monitor their activities via a satellite tracking system. Photo: AFCD

Experts release the endangered turtles into the sea. Photo: AFCD

Photo: AFCD

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