20 October 2018
Lulu Tung is a great football ambassador, just don't bet too much on her predictions. Photo: Facebook page
Lulu Tung is a great football ambassador, just don't bet too much on her predictions. Photo: Facebook page

Lulu the Genie: The making of a World Cup seer

Blame it on our blaming culture.

If you are to listen to the man on the street, Spain, Portugal and other top European teams got kicked out of the World Cup because Education Secretary Eddie Ng Hak-kim, whose popularity is not exactly stratospheric, rooted for them. But even Dr. Ko Wing-man, who gets better press as food and health chief, didn’t escape the blame for his open support for the European teams.

But not everyone who made the wrong bet is doomed. In fact, Hong Kong has a rising star who gets even more popular everytime she makes the wrong choice, and that makes her try even harder to be wrong in her World Cup predictions.

She’s no other than Lulu Tung Ka-yee, a.k.a., Lulu the Genie, who’s made a name for herself by wearing a jersey that is sure to bring a curse to the team that wears it.

In the first four World Cup matches, Lulu scored 100 percent in accuracy. In the case of Japan, for example, the team led 1-0 against Ivory Coast at half time, but Lulu wore the national jersey, and sure enough, the Asian warriors suffered a final 1-2 defeat.

Football lovers are mostly a bunch of bored, sleep-deprived guys looking for something to chat about after the game. And Lulu the Genie is not just a good topic of conversation, she is an online goddess who regularly attracts 300 likes for a simple morning greeting.

The cheerful 21-year-old model made her debut as a football ambassador for a Taipo soccer team in 2010 until the team was demoted. She then became a Now TV program hostess and continued her football journey.

Lulu knows how to work her fans. On June 4, she remarked on her Facebook page: “Manchester United had 89 points last year, but only 64 points this year. I would surely not forget these figures, and I am sure even a non-football fan would not forget either.” That won her close to 4,000 likes. 

Building on her early successes, the online idol is now ready to diversify into stock pickings. Yesterday she picked Galaxy Entertainment, which has fallen 18 percent so far this year after an outstanding performance in the past two years. Good luck to tycoon Liu Chee-wo, whose casino flagship was up 4 percent on Thursday afternoon — but do not count Lulu out yet.

Her star as stock adviser and commentator to post-90s male punters is sure to rise even higher. I boldly predict her stock calls would be closely followed by international brokerages, just like the famous “Ting Hai effect”, or the mysterious drop in the Hang Seng Index whenever a movie or TV drama series of actor Adam Cheng is showing.

Or perhaps someone should hire her as a political assistant, and ask her advice on how to handle the angry young people of Northeast New Territories and Occupy Central?

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