23 October 2018
Sometimes we need to move on. Photo: Bloomberg
Sometimes we need to move on. Photo: Bloomberg

Not in the mood for lovesickness, actually

OK, so maybe she was wrong then but that doesn’t make him right now. 

Agence France-Presse reports that a mainland man identified only as Wang has spent the equivalent of US$40,000 booking out four IMAX cinemas in Beijing on the first day of the Transformers movie to make a point to the woman who jilted him seven years ago.

The woman apparently dumped Wang in 2007 when they were in their fourth year of university because he was poor and — she said — always would be. 

“I have been working hard for the past seven years because of that sentence and today I spent half my monthly income to book all the seats in Beijing’s IMAX cinemas on June 27,” Wang was quoted as saying. “I just want to say maybe your choice back then was wrong.”

Granted, a man’s poor prospects are not the kindest of reasons for a woman to dismiss him as a lifelong squeeze but spending tens of thousands of dollars to score a point in public hardly screams soulmate.

It’s all a little too reminiscent of singer Robin Thicke’s attempts to patch things up with his wife Paula Patton by naming an album after her and — as Amanda Hess writes in Slate — releasing a video in which he “sings shirtless, feigns drowning in a tank of blood-stained water, cavorts with a naked woman who resembles Patton, and cries openly, as text messages—implied to have been sent between Thicke and Patton—pop up on the screen.” Perhaps some couples counseling would have been the go.

These public efforts to win over an object of desire are just as creepy as marriage proposals on stadium Jumbotrons and women who declare on Facebook how much they love their “hubby”. Only gay men can get away with that last one and the window on that is closing fast.

That is all to say that Wang’s IMAX stunt has the whiff of stalker about it. He needs to move on. And so do young women. They need to think less about how much money their boyfriend will make and more about how they can support themselves.

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