13 November 2018
Allan Zeman performs his last cosplay show as Ocean Park chairman on Thursday. Photos: Ocean Park
Allan Zeman performs his last cosplay show as Ocean Park chairman on Thursday. Photos: Ocean Park

Zeman in last cosplay at Ocean Park

Allan Zeman could not have thought of a better way to perform his last public activity at Ocean Park before leaving his post as chairman next week: he put on an outlandish attire.

For the past 11 years as top honcho at the theme park, Zeman has delighted visitors by dressing up as a jellyfish, a Chinese emperor, a ghoul and even a pumpkin, to help celebrate its many events.

On Thursday, he donned a diving suit with two seaweeds on his head to open the park’s latest attraction, Shark Mystique, one of the largest shark exhibitions in Asia.

“Why didn’t he dress up as a shark?” some visitors wondered.

The circumstances surrounding his unceremonious departure from Ocean Park could provide some clues. Earlier, Zeman revealed that he was being forced out of his position, although he wanted to stay. So that hardly makes him an attacker, more of a prey.

In a pre-recorded video to mark the occasion, Headline Daily reported on Friday, Zeman said: “I risked my life to come back!” But the decision has been made. Deputy chairman Leo Kung will take over his post.

It’s not really that the government is unappreciative of his contributions. Also attending Thursday’s event, Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam highly praised Zeman’s contributions, saying the park has been turned into world-class tourist attraction under his leadership.

Under Zeman’s watch, annual attendance at the park soared from 2.95 million in 2002/03 to 7.73 million in 2012/13, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So said last week.

When asked about his views on the ongoing referendum on universal suffrage, Zeman said the people cast their votes to express their dissatisfaction, adding that both Hong Kong and the central government should attach importance to the exercise, Metropolis Daily said in a separate report on Friday.

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Leo Kung Lin-cheng (right) will succeed Allan Zeman as chairman of Ocean Park from July 1.

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