24 October 2018
Xu Xiaowan is reportedly a mistress of Chen Hongping (left) and Wan Qingliang (right). Photos:,
Xu Xiaowan is reportedly a mistress of Chen Hongping (left) and Wan Qingliang (right). Photos:,

Guangzhou party chief ‘shares mistress with another official’

Wan Qingliang was dismissed as Communist Party boss of Guangzhou, the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee said on Monday.

The move came three days after he was placed under anti-graft probe. The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) announced on June 27 that Wan was under investigation for “suspected serious violations of discipline and laws”, a phrase often used to refer to corruption allegations.

In addition to accepting huge bribes, Wan was also found to be leading an immoral life. Wan has shared a mistress with Chen Hongping, former Party secretary of Jieyang in Guangdong, Apple Daily reported.

The mistress, identified as Xu Xiaowan, has spent 200,500 yuan (US$32,000) in bidding for car plate number “8888″, which is considered very lucky in Chinese culture, the report said.

Xu has two illegitimate children, one with Wan and the other with Chen, according to the newspaper. Family members of the mistress were said to have taken huge kickbacks from many big infrastructure projects such as an airport in Jieyang.

Xu’s younger brother is a known loan shark and runs an underground casino, the report added.

During his time in Guangzhou, Wan said in public that he never owned a home but lived in a flat he rented for 600 yuan a month. However, his home was actually a 130 square meter luxury apartment.

Wan was once widely considered a rising political star, and many thought he was headed for a senior political position.

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