19 October 2018

Pro-establishment groups stage protests against Occupy Central

Several Hong Kong pro-establishment groups held protests on Sunday to show their opposition to the Occupy Central Movement, am730 reported Monday.

More than 400 people belonging to Caring Hong Kong Power marched from Causeway Bay district to the police headquarters in Wanchai, where they presented 30,000 signatures in support of the government’s proposed political reform.

Li Ka-ka, a spokeswoman for the group, said the voting numbers in a mock referendum organized by Occupy Central and other pro-democracy groups, cannot be trusted because these can be manipulated by electronic means.

Meanwhile, 50 members of a group opposed to Occupy Central gathered at the Tsim Sha Tsui pier to denounce the civil disobedience movement for hijacking public opinion.

The group said Occupy Central will bring harm to Hong Kong. Four members jumped into the harbor to dramatize their protest but said their action is tame compared with Occupy Central’s tactics.

Also, an industrial and commercial group held a motor car rally from the North Point police station to the government headquarters in Central.

The protesters said the informal referendum is not legal and Occupy Central will ruin Hong Kong’s rule of law. They pledged support for Beijing’s policy on Hong Kong issued last month in an unprecedented white paper that spells out the “one country, two systems” doctrine.

A women’s rights group demonstrated outside the government headquarters and accused the media of bias toward the Occupy Central Movement.

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