17 September 2019
Scholarism co-founder Joshua Wong confronts Chief Secretary Carrie Lam. Photo: Now TV
Scholarism co-founder Joshua Wong confronts Chief Secretary Carrie Lam. Photo: Now TV

Scholarism gives ‘unclassified’ grade to electoral reform report

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, co-founder of the student group Scholarism, issued a mock “transcript” to the government, giving it an “unclassifed” grade in “listening” for ignoring public calls in its report on political reform.

The government was given a 5**, the top grade, in physical education as it successfully moved the goalpost in the football court, Wong said, referring to the government’s adoption of Beijing’s conservative view on electoral reform. Wong himself received on Monday his own transcript for the Diploma of Secondary Education examination.

Wong said the government’s consultation report announced on Tuesday distorted the views of the Hong Kong people and used many ambiguous quantifiers. For example, it said the public’s “mainstream opinion” is to maintain the functional constituency system of the Legislative Council.

Wong handed the “transcript” to Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor when she was interviewed by the RTHK on Wednesday. Lam refused to receive it, although it was eventually received by Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Raymond Tam Chi-yuen.

Lam insisted that the government report on electoral reform reflects public opinion without taking a “selective” approach, RTHK reported.

However, Lam said legislators have received very few opinions focusing on how to elect the Legco members, and the priority should be placed on the 2017 chief executive election, the report said.

“Electoral reform is quite complex, and it is not easy to quantify different views. There are some ‘common views’ that the 2017 election should have positive impact on Hong Kong’s development and it should be carried in conformity with the Basic Law,” she said.

In addition, the candidate must “love the country and love Hong Kong”, which is quite natural and does not need any legal definition, she added.

Lam said she could not predict whether the National People’s Congress standing committee would outline some guidelines at the end of August, which might spark some “radical actions”, the report said.

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