24 August 2019
Some trampoline parks are not strictly enforcing safety regulations. Photo: Facebook
Some trampoline parks are not strictly enforcing safety regulations. Photo: Facebook

Safety traps at trampoline parks

Indoor trampoline parks, which are gaining popularity in Hong Kong, could pose serious safety risks, as many of their operators do not provide insurance coverage for their customers, Sky Post reported on Wednesday.

RYZE, an indoor trampoline park that opened in an industrial building in North Point on July 19, has become an instant hit among youngsters. The 10,000 square foot park charges HK$125 per hour on Monday through Thursday and HK$150 per hour on Friday to Sunday. Customers are often seen queuing up to secure tickets and enter the park.

They are asked to sign a disclaimer which relieves the operator of any responsibility in case of any injuries or accidents that may happen inside the establishment.

A woman from Taipei fractured her spine while playing in a similar trampoline park in May, but the operator refused to make any compensation.

When asked if any insurance has been purchased for the customers, staff at RYZE said there are no such arrangements and customers are asked to read and observe the safety regulations posted at the entrance.

While the park says it is strictly enforcing the regulations, reporters have seen customers wearing necklaces and rings, while many were doing summersaults in violation of the safety rules.

As the park has become a new attraction, there were quite a number of collisions among customers in the relatively packed playground.

Barrister Luk Wai-hong said the park could still be held liable in case of an accident even if customers sign a waiver. The letter only serves as a disclaimer of responsibilities under normal circumstances. If there are injuries or deaths due to negligence or improper maintenance of facilities, the operator could still face lawsuits and demand for compensation.

Jimmy Poon, chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, advised customers to see to it that vigorous sports activity is covered in their personal insurance plans, the report said.

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