26 August 2019
Make our day: Taizhou police force in Zhejiang province  Photos:
Make our day: Taizhou police force in Zhejiang province Photos:

New posters depict police as action heroes

Are gangster movies back in vogue in mainland China?

Those posters adorning the city streets that look like advertisements for an action movie are actually police propaganda materials meant to remind the public of the good deeds of their friendly neighborhood cops.

Since mid-June, police stations in Beijing and other key cities, including those in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces, have been putting up posters that depict law enforcers as real-life heroes.

Those in Beijing show policewomen in various action-filled scenes like responding to an emergency or staging a rescue. The posters are obviously intended to cast police officers in a good light while catering to the younger generation’s penchant for cinematic visuals.

As in all government propaganda, some of the posters carry slogans. But unlike the drab exhortations of the past, the new slogans have a flair for drama. “You are not alone!”, “We are together!”, “I’m always here!”, the posters assure the public.

In official posters of yore, police were normally shown in parade formation giving a snappy salute to the national flag. But that’s passe. Now they are depicted in a more dramatic fashion.

“It’s not only the movie stars who can do stylish poses or stand up straight,” says a post on the official Weibo account of a police station in Shandong’s Yantai city. “We also try to bolster the police officers’ sense of pride and belonging.”

Netizens welcome the change, with some saying the posters make them want to consider a career in the police force.

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Don’t mess with us: More posters from the Chengdu police force. Photo:

Hoodlums, beware! Police force of Taizhou, Zhejiang province Photo:

Real-life heroes: Chengdu police in an action-filled operation. Photo:

Driven by courage: Jinan firemen. Photo:

More posters of Jinan firemen. Photo:

An old-style poster depicting a Beijing policewoman. Photo:

Examples of classic police posters. Photo: Internet

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