21 August 2019

PLA urged to support defense reforms

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been urged to support and implement reforms that are critical to boosting the military’s combat capability, PLA daily reported Monday.

The PLA General Political Department has issued a circular calling on soldiers and officers to carefully study and implement the directives of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and its chairman Xi Jinping, the report said.

The circular stressed that military reforms should focus on enhancing the army’s capability to fight and win in modern warfare, it said.

Special efforts should be made to reform the system of command, optimize the army’s size and integrate the army with civilians more closely.

“The absolute leadership by the CPC over the armed forces must be upheld,” said the circular.

Reforms may touch on deep-seated interests and structural problems in the defense and military systems, it said, urging military personnel to “resolutely oppose misconceptions that may confuse or disturb the reform efforts”.

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