21 August 2019
A CCTV picture shows Ko Kai (L) confessing to illegal drug use along with Jackie Chan's son Jaycee (R). Photo: CCTV
A CCTV picture shows Ko Kai (L) confessing to illegal drug use along with Jackie Chan's son Jaycee (R). Photo: CCTV

Jackie Chan’s son detained by Beijing police for drug offense

Jaycee Chan, son of Hong Kong martial arts movie star Jackie Chan, and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung — who is commonly known as Kai Ko – have been detained by Beijing police for drug offenses, mainland media reported Monday.

The duo tested positive for marijuana use, and had confessed to taking the banned substance, police were quoted as saying. 

About 100 grams of marijuana were found in Jaycee’s apartment, according to a Xinhua report. Following his detention, his dad Jackie Chan is said to be in Beijing to deal with the matter. 

The detention of his 32-year-old son will be particularly embarrassing for Jackie Chan, who signed up five years ago to be a “Narcotics Control Ambassador” of the Chinese police, UK’s Telegraph newspaper noted. 

The arrest of Jaycee and Kai Ko, who is 23 years old, marks the latest anti-drug crackdown by mainland authorities on celebrities. 

Kai Ko rose to fame after winning the best new actor trophy at the 48th Golden Horse Awards for his role in the movie “You are the Apple of my Eye”.

According to Chinese laws, any person convicted of smuggling more than 50 grams of drug is subject to a penalty of three to five years imprisonment at minimum, and life imprisonment or even a death sentence at the maximum.

Jaycee and Kai Ko are however likely to get away with milder sentences, according to reports. 

Beijing’s efforts to crush drug abuse has significantly brought down the number of Hong Kong addicts who turn to the mainland for drugs, according to Daniel Shek Tan-lei, chairman of the Hong Kong-based group Action Committee Against Narcotics. 

Official data shows that the number of drug users in Hong Kong has dropped to 9,715 last year from 10,900 in 2011.

Concern groups, however, have cast doubts over the figures, saying they probably do not reflect the true picture.

It takes much longer time for drug users to come out and be netted in surveys, said Shek, according to the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Before 2008-2009, it only took about two years to uncover a drug addict. Now it takes 4.6 years on average for such cases to come to light.

Shek estimates that there are likely three to four uncovered addicts for each one that comes out.

Based on Shek’s estimates, there could be close to 10,000 drug users in the dark as of the end of the first quarter this year, when reported addicts amounted to 2,956.

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CCTV video shows marijuana said to have been found in Jaycee’s apartment. Photo: CCTV

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