23 August 2019
The foreign passenger lies on the floor of the empty train. Photo: Sohu news
The foreign passenger lies on the floor of the empty train. Photo: Sohu news

Passengers flee Shanghai metro train as foreigner passed out

Mass panic gripped passengers as they scurried out of a Shanghai train recently after a foreign man passed out.

The incident happened on the Shanghai Metro Line 2 on August 9, Jiefang Daily reported Wednesday.

The foreign passenger fell when the train entered the Jinke Road station at 9:43 pm, his head almost touching the shoulder of a female passenger. Then he fell to the floor and lost consciousness, according to a CCTV footage.

The five other passengers opposite him jumped up and fled, exclaiming that something was wrong.

Within 10 seconds, all the passengers in the nearby carriages had exited the train, bumping into doors and falling as they scrambled away from the unconscious man.

The man soon came to and disappeared before metro staff arrived on the scene.

In another incident on the city’s Metro Line 8 on July 18, a woman’s mobile phone started sending out smoke signals.

At first, nearby passengers covered their noses but were soon yelling about a fire or impending explosion.

Suddenly, passengers started panicking and fled the train.

Shanghai Metro has reminded passengers to stay calm and not to panic if anything unusual happens.

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passengers jumped up and fled.

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